Ten Reasons I Am Rejecting Your Facebook Friend Request

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oh dear god no.

I’m a big believer in quality over quantity, and that philosophy also extends to my friend’s list on Facebook. Vetting requests is essential. But try to do it gradually, instead of letting them pile up to 800+ as notorious procrastinators do. Not that I’d know. *cough*

And no, I don’t live in an Echo Chamber. I have immense respect for my many Facebook friends that I have some serious ideological differences with. The thing is, they’re not trying to change me any more than I’m trying to change them. It’s about understanding. That’s key.

The people who block other users simply because they hold opposing views ( I know one who blocked every Christian he could find. Get a life and laid there fella) are wrapping themselves in a safe little blanket of self-delusion.

If someone is a disruptive jerk, sure — boot ’em. But to dismiss someone out-of-hand who respectfully shares their opposing views and brings value to the conversation is counterproductive and cry-babyish.

It’s the one trick ponies that I’m referring to here — the people who obsessively laser-focus on a single issue or ideology with the fervor of a missionary willing to become a human dartboard for their cause.

You can usually pick them out with a quick perusal of their page.

So, with all that being said let’s get on with this, shall we?

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OK then. Need to scrub my eyeballs with Brillo now.

You know, upon reflection, I may have to make this a two-parter.

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Ew. Pelosi.

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