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Well, it’s finally over, and with very few surprises. The much-touted Blue Wave caused barely a ripple regardless of desperately defensive Monday morning quarterbacking on the part of disgruntled Dems. Coping mechanism, optimism, escapism? No matter, doesn’t change the outcome.

High-profile career criminals like Cruz and DWS prevailed and can continue to dismantle what’s left of our democracy and dignity.

Who saw that coming? Oh yeah, anyone paying attention.

I’m fully aware that a handful of Progressives managed to squeak through the right-wing ranks — and that’s wonderful, don’t get me wrong. But I can’t help wondering how many more would’ve won their races if the Democrats didn’t get some sort of perverse thrill from shooting themselves in the foot and then sticking it in their mouth.

It’s discouraging how quick some Americans are to help the hangman tie their own nooses, but the real kicker is that they have the temerity to get angry at those who quite reasonably refuse to follow suit.

So one more time for those in the back or complete denial:

2016: We won’t support corporate Dems.

2018: We won’t support Corporate Dems.

Believe us yet?

So please — no more spittle-speckled rants about how Progressives, Independents, and third-party members discourage people not to vote because that’s simply not true. We encourage people not to vote for jackasses. Big difference.

It would also serve the Democratic Party establishment well to stop acting like they’re being victimized by the GOP and that you’re brave, beleaguered Freedom Fighters. It’s ludicrous. One look at (most of)your voting records and campaign donor lists puts that fantasy to bed.

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Another recipe for failure, aside from rampant corruption and hypocrisy? The smug, elitist, and arrogant face you present to the world. It’s basically Extra Strength Potential Voter Repellent. I’ve no doubt that the “Vote Blue No Matter Who” contingent cost their Party 65,468,946 gazillionty votes just by being complete tools.

Democratic sheep-herding is like an abusive spouse begging you to return, and when you refuse, they berate, insult, and try to intimidate you.

I mean, really guys. Do you seriously expect people to respond warmly to this sort of treatment?

The Democrats might also want to keep in mind that when people reject the Vote Blue No Matter Who Bully Squad they aren’t necessarily saying they don’t, or won’t, vote blue at all. What they are saying is that voting for someone solely based on the initial behind their name is a ridiculously ignorant concept, especially when it’s someone who completely sucks. ( See: Hillary Clinton.)

As stated earlier, if you have good candidates and a solid platform this shouldn’t be a cause for concern. But judging from all the sociopathic neo-lib rage I’ve seen this past week, I get the feeling that maybe, just perhaps, they never were all that confident that their much ballyhooed Blue Wave would manifest in the first place.

Did it have to be this way? No, of course not. The DNC could’ve heeded the reality check from 2016 and revamped themselves as the New Millennium New Dealers. They would’ve won by a landslide. Instead, they once again chose corporatism over the voters, and then blamed them for having sense enough to question the wisdom of this decision.

And now?

I’d like to believe that the Democrats will use their House majority to the benefit of their long-suffering constituents. Instead, I fear all we’ll get is an Impeach Trump Three Ring Circus, and the Average American won’t be any better off than they were before — voiceless, powerless, and meaningless to those elected to represent them.

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