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I’m sure you’re aware, dear reader, that Americans haven’t been this divided philosophically since the Civil War. Our current level of economic disparity rivals that of the Gilded Age. Everything we see, hear, and experience bears the mark of our decline. No matter how far you bury your head in the sand and pretend it doesn’t affect you, it’s happening.

The People are really pissed off. Mainly at each other, sadly. There is very little common ground to build on, and even less desire to find any. Both sides of the duopoly and their bitch, corporate media, gleefully fan the flames of discontent and division. When we fight among ourselves, we’re not fighting the Establishment.

It’s evil, and it’s ugly.

So how did this great divide happen in the first place?

The descent into hell began with the assassinations of JFK and RFK, the last of the true liberals. By the '60s, you got to watch your hopes and dreams literally die on live television.

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We really picked up speed during the Reagan era. A lot of people actually bought all that “trickle-down” nonsense in the '80s. This is when the “Reagan Democrat” was born. Gag me with a corporatist spoon.

America slid so far right that by the '90s, third-way Democrats, as conservative as the GOP on almost all points, became the face of the Party. You can thank the Clintons for that “we gotta meet the GOP in the middle” horseshit that ended even the pretension of the Democratic Party championing the Working Class.

This was precisely when the Democratic Party sacrificed its soul on the altar of neoliberalism. FDR saved America with the New Deal, and Bill Clinton destroyed it with right-wing third-way policies.

“Reaching across the aisle” is just code for “protecting the oligarchy.”

The transformation from New Deal Democrats to Limousine Liberals was complete.

Thanks to these two goofs. Photo by the Herald

This nation is now every inch the aristocracy we rejected during the American Revolution. We’re ruled (yes, ruled) by dead-eyed, obscenely wealthy elites while we’re left to die without medical care or the means to survive during a pandemic.

Doesn’t seem very freedom-y to me.

So how do the Democrats, who claim to be the Anti-Trump, handle this? The Democratic Party not only condones this ironic travesty, they exemplify it. Neolibs are always more than willing to push GOP legislation through. Much of the fuckery Dems blame the GOP for wouldn’t be possible without their party’s acquiescence.

That’s not “resisting,” that’s assisting.

Keeping all this in mind, bullying or guilt-tripping voters to support you as the lesser-evil is a fool’s errand. At least half of the country is done with that shit. Show the average American you care about their woes and provide solutions.

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Trotting out corporatists spouting (or in Biden’s case, word salading) Progressive values they do not hold and have no intention of pursuing isn’t working anymore. Not after 2016. So if Biden tanks, it’s all on the Democrats.

Repeat after me: We’re Not Trump is not a platform.

And honestly? It’s a moot point anyway. There’s no voting ourselves out of this mess. If the FUBAR of 2016 didn’t prove to you that American elections are nothing but political theater I don’t know what will. We passed that tipping point so long ago you can’t even see it in the rearview mirror anymore.

The powerful never relinquish their power willingly. History has proven — repeatedly — that it must be forcefully taken from them. According to the U.S. Constitution, every American citizens' responsibility is to root out tyranny wherever it is found. Naming and shaming government corruption is a responsibility handed to the American People by our country’s founders. They intended for us to ruthlessly root out any tyrants infiltrating the People’s government, not support and celebrate them.

This is our country. Not Trump’s. Not Biden’s. It is carried to “greatness” by the sacrifices of the Average American. The sleepy, working-class giant must rise to its feet, as one, with a renewed awareness of its formidable power.

Only then can we begin to bridge the great divide.

Only then can we begin to heal.

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