The Political Amnesia Pandemic

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So, as some of you know, I was a history columnist before I found myself writing about politics. (Seriously, I woke up one morning and poof! — politics was my thing. There was no decision making involved on my part. Blame the Universe.)

But anyway — I’ve never stopped writing about history for two reasons:

  1. Because I like to and

People who dismiss history as boring and irrelevant while they settle in for a Kardashian marathon are the single biggest danger to our survival as a nation and a planet.

Hyperbolic? Not at all.

The only reason a misogynist, racist, corporate whore like Biden can even consider running — for the fourth time no less — is that his supporters can’t even remember what they had for breakfast, never mind Joe’s shenanigans during the 70s, 80s, 90s — and beyond. Hell, they may never have known in the first place. Or never cared, which is even scarier.

But he was vice-president so they know the name, and that’s enough for partisan, low-information voters to glom onto. His actual (and abhorrent) record isn’t important to them. Only his party affiliation matters, even though Biden is more conservative than many Republicans.

Yes. He is. Go peruse his voting record and listen to his speeches. I’ll wait.

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Dory: The Official Mascot of the Democratic Party Photo by Jung Minded

These are the same voters who think Obama was a great president and will support Biden by association. This is so many kinds of wrong, but it’s what you get with a willfully ignorant electorate. In general, the American public has the critical thinking skills of a drunk gnat, and the oligarchy plays this to the hilt.

I have never once seen a Biden supporter defend him by discussing his policies. That would be because Gropey Joe doesn’t feel the need to tell the serfs what his vision for our country is. Probably because he doesn’t have one.

Biden has no platform other than “At Least I’m Not Trump.” But if you look at both of them on paper, there are far more similarities than differences. Both old, white, uber-wealthy, entitled, right-wing elitists. Both only in it for personal glory, not the American People.

But Biden has a “D” behind his name, so all is forgiven, all is forgotten. (If you’ve suffered a grievous head injury anyway.)

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And hell, fourth time’s the charm, right?

This is the idiocy that spawns (supposed) feminists in the Democratic Party that back Biden, who voted to allow individual states to overturn Roe v. Wade and ran roughshod over Anita Hill.

Who’s the what now?

Clearly, those pink pussy hats are leeching out whatever limited brain matter these dipshits possess.

Yep. Dumb fuckery to the power of gazillionty. I don’t want my grandkids’ future in the hands of these Blue Dog-Pink Hat cultists who possess zero hindsight and no ability to reason whatsoever.

But go ahead. Screw Bernie again and run yet another neoliberal corporatist. Then pretend 2016 never happened and spew outage at those who handed Trump the election.

Just make sure you’re looking in the mirror when you do so, and then go read up on the fall of the Roman Empire.

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