The Politics of Fear and Intimidation: Democratic Party Fail #982546

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As expected, the Establishment Democrats are playing a new round of the Berner Blame Game, just in time to taint the 2020 election. They’re out there, everywhere, our little Blue-Wave buddies, baiting arguments, eating brunch, or waxing sanctimonious about voting blue no matter who(yeah, no can do)every five-and-a-half seconds. They seem to be actively courting scorn, contempt, and verbal abuse even from the more sane factions of their own party.

I suppose there’s a certain logic behind it. This way, if they fail miserably once again, they can blame every single person who’s not a non-straight-ticket Dem for saying all those mean, awful, true things that cost them elections.

Suddenly, You will experience the most robust sense of deja vu as the heady realization of your formidable power comes over you in waves.

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been cyber-attacked by Vote Blue No Matter Who Democrats when I’ve had the nerve to suggest they might want to conjure up at least some semblance of a platform if they’re going to earn our votes. And perhaps one that isn’t so eerily similar to the GOP’s this time around, because right now the only significant differences between the two are gay wedding cake and abortion.

None of this even registers with the Blue Wave Brunch Bunch anyway. They are too busy gasping like beached halibut over the concept of voters expecting the hallowed Democratic Party to earn their vote. What Insubordination! Ungrateful peasants!

The centrist Democrats insist, in all seriousness, that their Party doesn't need to serve any other purpose aside from being an alternative to Trump. Dealing with pressing domestic and foreign policy, saving the drowning working class and poor, and ridding ourselves of corporate-owned candidates on both sides of the aisle is secondary to sour grapes on the grandest scale in American history.

The Dems may suck at winning elections, but they are the undisputed masters of self-sabotage and mass delusion. It’s almost awe-inspiring in its idiocy.

They will furthermore proclaim, their voices taut with thinly-veiled hysteria, that anyone who thinks the Democrats owe the American People a bit more than a dartboard with the Marmalade’s Moron’s face on it is either a Republican (gasp), a Bernie-bot (guilty!), or one of the dreaded RUSSIAN TROLLS that now run all of our lives and the entire known universe like vile vodka-swilling, meme-making puppet-masters.

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So if you hate this article, take it up with them. Photo by RedBubble

But really, what the hey guys? What’s with all the Democrats’ bitterness and venom? After screwing everyone out of Bernie and thereby gifting us with Trump millions flipped you the bird, but amazingly not everyone damned you to hell for all eternity and deserted you. Many have been willing to come to together in a spirit of compromise, with the hope that their Progressive aims would become Party priorities after FUBAR 2016.

Because a lot of people really do want to vote for the Democrats in 2020 and beyond. Truly. The GOP is an unsalvagable pile of suck, but there could be hope for you guys yet if you just stop being so stubborn and realize the People call the shots, not the DNC Party officials.

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Hint, hint.

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