The Three Lamest Reasons People Don’t Like Bernie

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Seeing quite a bit of Bernie hate among the centrist Democrats these days. It’s not really surprising. Yet it’s still perplexing because why would anyone oppose their tax dollars benefitting the American People instead of a handful of elite oligarchs?

But hey, what do I know? I’m just a Bernie Bro(or a fifty-four-year-old grandma. Whichever.)

The complaints I see and hear are tedious at best, willfully ignorant at worst. I honestly have to wonder how some of these folks dress themselves in the morning.

So, without further ado and in no particular order of stupidity, here are the lamest excuses you’ll hear for Bernie Bashing.


The really amusing thing about this stance is that the establishment Dems don’t realize that a lot of the reason Bernie is so popular is precisely for that reason.

Newsflash: Many, many people despise the Democratic Party. Since 2016, the numbers in that camp has risen exponentially.

Another revelation: Not Being Trump isn’t an acceptable platform.

But I digress.

No, Bernie’s not a modern-day Democrat. He’s a New Deal-style Democratic Socialist in the mold of FDR and JFK, not these Third Way Neo-liberal corporatists the Clinton Cartel ushered in.

Bernie Sanders personifies pre-Clinton Democratic Party principles.

The Democratic rank and file allowed these thieves to take over the Party and make a mockery of what it used to stand for. All in the name of lesser-evilism.

So Bernie’s not a Democrat. Be that as it may, he’s their best chance to capture the Big Prize. Just like he was in 2016.

If the DNC screws this up again, it will be the most strikingly epic example of cutting off your nose to spite your face in history.


I’ll be frank. I can’t take you seriously if you form an opinion on Bernie’s foreign policy from half a Tweet.

It’s a complex issue that requires more than knee-jerk responses based on …pretty much nothing if you read the entire tweet and watch Bernie explain his stance on MSNBC.

“But humanitarian aid is just military intervention in disguise!! Ughhhh!”

For the majority of politicians, yes. I seriously doubt this is Bernie’s end game. When Bernie talks about humanitarian aid, he is talking about actual humanitarian aid like food and medical supplies. Not U.S soldiers in their oil fields.

I have no reason to believe or even suspect otherwise. Bernie had made it clear that the Venezuelan People must have the right to decide their own future. He has repeatedly spoken out against proxy wars.

That’s his bottom line.

So please. Enough with this crap. All it proves is that some folks prefer arguing over trifles rather than forging a path to Single Payer Healthcare, fair wages, clean elections, and Green energy.

You know, the shit we need to survive, never mind thrive.


“Bernie’s too old! We need someone younger, browner, and packing a vagina!”

And this from the Identity Politics Police. You think they’d know better. I guess they fail to see the irony in rejecting a person based on their age, especially someone as obviously fit and sharp as Sanders.

Kinda makes you wonder if they have another agenda, doesn’t it?

Because if Bernie is too old, so is Biden. Either apply this asinine metric across the board or not at all. Your hypocrisy is showing. You don’t care, of course, but facts are facts.

Stand tall Berners. As you can see his detractors got nuthin’ and we have each other. Remember, in some cases, it's better to ignore than to educate.

Don’t waste your time on centrist Dems or those who moan that Bernie is an establishment tool without offering a single plan of their own to free the American People from the Oligarchy.

Not worth it. Move on. We have an election to win.

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