The Three Lamest Reasons People Don’t Like Bernie Sanders: Part Duh

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Sadly, grievously, tragically, I find a sequel to my first article on this subject has become necessary. Really necessary. Never underestimate the derpiness of establishment Democrats.

Here’s a handy-dandy link to Part 1 for your persual:

They may not have learned anything from 2016, but we have.

Let’s begin, shall we?

After whining and bitching about Sanders coughing up his tax returns, the anti-climax was clearly too much for Establishment Democrats to handle. They needed something “negative” to cling to and tried running with Bernie’s newly-minted millionaire status.

Yeah, but here’s the thing. Bernie made that dough as an author, not by bending over for corporate lobbyists. He earned his money honestly by writing books legions of people have loved and purchased.

No one was harmed in the process. Bernie did not accrue his wealth by systematically screwing over the American people.

See the difference?

And let’s ditch the false perception that Social Democrats (I prefer this term to Democratic Socialism — far more accurate in philosophy and practice) are against making a buck. Knock yourself out, but don’t do it by selling the country down the river for your own personal gain.

Bernie achieved millionaire status after the 2016 Election FUBAR. We’re good with that — we’re the ones who bought the books after all.

This does not make Bernie a member of the elite 1% club as some have suggested. A couple mil is vastly different from being a multi-millionaire or billionaire. And even if we concede that Sanders is a member of the 1%, that doesn’t dilute his platform. It strengthens it. After all, has he stopped calling for the wealthy to pay their fair share?

No. He has not, because Bernie’s more than willing to pay his fair share too.

Get out the smelling salts Clintonistas. Bernie Sanders had the unmitigated gall to openly engage his opponents with his message. Why can’t he just isolate himself from the Deplorables and join us in the Echo Chamber?

I mean, what kind of monster tries to reach anyone outside their cozy circle of rabid supporters?

Bernie’s not a real Democrat!

Misconceptions about Bernie and his platform abound, mainly due to the auspices of the Party he’s single-handedly keeping alive. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face, but here we are.

Sanders knows his message is deliberately distorted by the right-wing factions of both major parties, and that there’s only one sure-fire way to address this problem — by getting out there so people can see and hear him and form an opinion untainted by MSM neo-liberal propaganda.

Actively engaging those outside your safe zone should not be denigrated, but rather commended. After all, Bernie is running for President of the United States, not President of the Democratic Party. He will represent all of the American people, not just his supporters.

Sanders realizes this. So should you.

Well, nothing gets past you. Bernie’s an old white guy. You got me.

What you fail to understand is that old, white dudes aren’t the problem per se — it’s the policies most of them support to protect their privilege that does the damage.

Bernie’s platform of social and economic justice is far more significant than the Identity Politics so beloved of the Democratic Party, and light years away from the other old white dudes’ positions.

Policy, platform, and past behavior are the only measuring sticks needed to vet a candidate. Skin color, age, or genitalia should not enter into the equation.

And isn’t it peculiar how the Dems aren’t crowing over how Bernie will be our first Jewish Commander-in-Chief? I find their silence on this topic perplexing.

The prevailing mood of this country has radically shifted. The Establishment Democrats can either roll with the inevitability of change or become extinct.

Frankly, I’m good either way.

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