This Shouldn’t Even Be an Issue: The Fight for Healthcare

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I’m going to begin by saying it’s utterly embarrassing that a “first world” nation denies their people the right to healthcare and is damn proud of it. It’s chilling how many people are aghast at the very idea of our tax dollars improving the quality of life for their family, friends, and neighbors.

But you rarely hear a peep about our bloated defense budget. The Pentagon came up trillions of dollars short during their latest audit, with nary an explanation as to where all our money went. Funny how that happens.

Nobody blinked because the American people don’t mind being robbed blind by the rich. Being fiscally raped by the wealthy is entirely acceptable and even expected. Suggesting we should make our people’s health and well-being a priority, however, is met with derision, scorn, and anger.

It doesn’t matter that Single Payer Healthcare would be a boon for our flagging economy. Study after study, even those initiated by the GOP, point to this fact.

  • It saves businesses money by relieving them of the expense of providing health insurance for their employees.
  • It saves the people money by not having most of their earnings go to healthcare and erasing sky-high deductibles for those who have insurance but can’t afford to use it. And those millions of Americans who have no access to healthcare at all will finally have coverage.
  • Decisions regarding your care and treatment will be made by actual healthcare professionals rather than some pencil-pusher with no medical expertise at the insurance company.
  • It will alleviate the uniquely American experience of going bankrupt and losing everything you own because of unpaid medical bills.
  • And most importantly, it will halt the rising trend of people literally dying because they can’t afford to treat chronic or acute life-threatening illness. People are needlessly losing their lives each day for no other purpose than to satiate corporate greed.

You can’t teach someone common sense, you can’t knit them a conscience as a birthday gift. A person either cares about others or they don’t.

But …

you can know your audience and stress what’s in it for them. That’s the only motivation some people have to do anything.

So let’s use that to our advantage.

Let’s play to the self-centeredness of those opposed to Single Payer and emphasize how great it would be for them personally. Then it might start to register that we can’t afford to NOT implement Medicare for All.

Luckily in this instance, there’s more than enough perks to placate even the most selfish among us. (Except for the insurance company lobbyists and most members of Congress, but let’s be frank. Screw them.)

So let’s work on our friends and neighbors. Help them see how Medicare for All benefits them and their family. But we must act quickly and decisively. Our country(for what is a country but its people) is literally dying bit by bit each day.

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