Three Reasons I Rag on Democrats More Than Republicans, Aside From the Fact That It’s Fun

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It’s a scenario familiar to many Progressives — establishment Democrats accusing you of being a Trump supporter if you won’t toe their Vote Blue No Matter Who line. It seems to escape these folks that calling out the DNC on its fuckery is not an automatic endorsement of the Orange Anal Wart. Binary black and white thinking at its finest.

Because here’s the thing Clintonite neoliberal Dems — it’s not just the Republicans that revile you. The left despises you as well. The real left.

No, you are not the real left.

So, here are three reasons why the Democratic Party deserves more cans of whup-ass than the GOP. Which, let’s face it, is like shooting fish in a barrel considering who’s in the White House.

The bottom line here is honesty and transparency. The GOP will deny you outright with no pretension of shame, but the DNC strings you along with promises they have no intention of keeping.

That’s far worse.

I’d rather take a punch to the face than a knife in my back.

The Republican Party will not only willingly, but gleefully, point out the myriad of ways they dont give a shit about you. They openly and vociferously oppose any legislation that might benefit their constituents as opposed to their donors. They know where those ranches and beach houses come from, and it’s not the peasants.

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The GOP party leaders are clear on their priorities ($) and have no issues with exacerbating the plight of the poor and sick. In fact, they will tell you all about how they have no issues with it until your eardrums suicide themselves in self-defense. It’s disgusting to be sure, but at least there’s no nuance or word salad to interpret.

On the other hand, today’s Democratic Party is trying to convince you they’re still the same guys that gave us FDR and JFK. The diehard Blue Dog Dems still buy it (or at least they pretend to), but looking at the DNC’s trajectory over the past thirty years tells a different story. In both policy and practice, today’s Democrats are far more in line with conservative Republicans than FDR Democrats.

The only discernible difference between the Republicans and Democrats is gay wedding cake. It’s important — and satisfying — to point this out.

Regressive Democrats have no policy going forward other than “let’s pretend to adopt Bernie’s platform on the campaign trail while knowing we won’t deliver anything but the same incremental bullshit.” Therefore, they must rely heavily on gaslighting and guilt trips.

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Vote Blue No Matter Who or you’re a sexist, racist Poopyhead. Photo by Youtube

This is the heart of the Russiagate and Vote Blue No Matter Who narratives. The former is a convoluted fairy tale promoted by the DNC to deflect from the content of the Wikileaked emails during the 2016 election. The latter is vote-shaming in place of vote-earning. Both are clear indications of despair and that the Democratic Party is going down for the third time.

Bullying and insulting the very people you need to win the White House is a losing strategy. You’re not providing the necessary impetus for non-party members to support you. You must appeal to them to prevail.

When the DNC is killing itself to promote the idea that a handful of Russians posting crappy memes on Facebook master-minded a better messaging campaign than HRC, it’s time for the Party to either admit defeat or get its shit together.

Either option will suffice.

This is blatant manipulation fueled by arrogance and entitlement.

OK, here’s the thing. Calling for solidarity should not require subjugation. Most voters the Democratic Party need to reach are Independent or unaffiliated, and therefore do not owe the Democrats jackshit.

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So many CTR trolls. So little time. Photo by

This is a very difficult concept for the establishment Dems to grasp.

Also, it’s hard to take their admonishment “not to eat our young” seriously when they are literally killing themselves to discredit the Progressive wing of their own party.

I present Nancy Pelosi’s recent attacks on Alexandria Ocasio Cortez as a prime example. Pelosi needs to go back to her insular, multi-million dollar bubble where social media is just a passing fad like with no influence over the electorate.

So, to recap:

Democratic Party “young” is not our young.

Because we don’t belong to your Party.

One more time …

We don’t belong to your party.

If you want to win our votes, you will have to provide a comprehensive, policy-driven platform geared toward bailing out working Americans instead of Wall Street.

More importantly, you must put forth credible candidates with a proven track record of upholding said principles instead of the same neoliberal corporate hos.

Bleating “Trump is a dumbass” isn’t sufficient. Everyone knows that DT is a mouth-breathing cretin. The real issue is what is the Democratic Party going to do differently to win the Indy/Progressive vote to unseat him?

So far, it seems like the answer is absolutely nothing.

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