Top Five Things That Simply Aren’t Going To Fly Anymore So Just Stop It

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Numerous centrist battle cries are reverberating around the interwebs of late, and they all smack of derp. You’ve probably run into this yourself and, like me, wanted to swallow your own head to escape.

Here’s my personal Top Five of the moment.

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OK, first off, I don’t want to eat any of you. I’m sure you taste like bullshit casserole, and after 2016 I’ve had enough of that.

Also, neither you nor any of the corporate candidates you’re protecting are one of “my own.” The very idea is repugnant to me, and the very fact that you would presume such is delusional but typical.

Non-Republican does not necessarily equal Democrat. This seems to be a major stumbling block for most establishment Dems.

Lastly, neo-liberal Democrats are not the Left. Not even in the same ballpark. In case it’s escaped your notice, establishment Democrats are the sworn enemy of the Left. You guys claiming to be left-wing is like the Joker claiming to be Batman.

So, unless you have a mouse in your pocket, there is no “we” or “our.” I am not a Democrat, and you are not entitled to my loyalty and certainly not my vote, no matter how much you whine and cry and kick and scream. Which is a lot.

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This is what happens when people who just became interested in politics two years ago flap their yaps. We’re treated to a delightfully skewered, propaganda-driven narrative that completely bypasses the fact that Trump is merely a symptom of a much more pervasive problem.

Getting rid of Trump will not magically make it all better. We can only affect change by addressing the underlying issues that brought us to a place where a chump like Trump could win the presidency in the first place.

The biggest part of that underlying problem is that we have two right-wing parties protecting the oligarchy, and no-one protecting the people.

Stop fear mongering. Just … stop. People are too smart to fall for that bullshit, and you only alienate Independent voters. And whether you like it or not Dems — you need us. Big time.

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OK, once again, neo-liberal Democrats are not the Left. As a matter of fact and of policy they are the Right. So it’s really more a matter of centrists Democrats splitting the Right. Let that stew a bit.

And it’s not only acceptable to vet any and all candidates, it’s our duty as vigilant citizens to do so.

Encouraging and downright bullying voters to ignore the track record of your candidate is outrageously presumptive. It also proves you have no faith in any of your corporatist darlings passing muster under the slightest scrutiny.

This does not inspire confidence in you or your party.

So, if you don’t want people pointing out that your candidate is in bed with the fossil fuel or pharmaceutical industries, maybe, just maybe, you should take these issues up with the candidates themselves instead of killing the well-informed messenger.

Until then, and god knows I’m not holding my breath, I will vet the living shit out of every single candidate and watch with glee as the steam pours out of your willfully ignorant ears.

Like this:

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Yeah, this pisses me off like nothing else. I mean, way to stand by your principles buddy. Why don’t you just put a welcome mat on your face and let the DNC tap dance on it? Because nothing shows a corrupt political party you mean business like admitting you’ll roll over like a bitch right out of the starting gate.

If you’ll vote for a neo-liberal corporatist because you’re afraid of the Awful Orange Anus, do NOT call yourself a Progressive. But feel free to continue calling yourself the Resistance, although the only things you resist are logic and the courage of your convictions.

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Oh, do tell.

Why not just come right out and say you’re a privileged elitist who doesn’t have to sweat healthcare costs then? And that you have no fucks to give about the precarious state of our global environment? Or that it phases you not when most Americans live at or below the poverty level?

Because when you mouth-fart this idiocy, that’s all I hear. That, and my inner voice encouraging me bitch slap you with great gusto.

But in the nicest possible way of course.

Because after all, (with Zuzu Bailey voice) “Teacher says every time you’re mean to a neo-liberal, Trump gets a million more votes!”

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