Top Three Myths of the 2020 Presidential Race (Thus Far)

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Behold Icarus, the official mascot of the DNC. Photo by

There’s more blarney flying around social media these days than at an Irish wake. The half-truths and outright lies from the duopoly and mainstream media have already reached full-crescendo. Their agenda is being furthered by low-information voters unquestionably swallowing their BS, just as the plutocrat-owned MSM planned.

It’s a jungle of misinformation out there, and we’ve still got a loooong way to go until the primaries.

*involuntary shudder*

So let’s settle in and bust some bubbles in the neo-liberal echo chamber, shall we?

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Yeah. Not in this lifetime or any other.

No true-blue Berner would ever jump ship for She Who Hedges Bets (her Native American name, in case you couldn’t guess.) Any self-proclaimed Progressive supporting Elizabeth Warren’s candidacy clearly needs to take a gander at this: Let’s Talk About the Word Progressive . Re-evaluate your political compass or live in denial. But you won’t be able to claim ignorance.

And here’s a gentle reminder for the Vote Blue No Matter Who cultists: voting records and donor lists are readily available facts, not opinion or conjecture. If your fave-rave’s voting record or donor list concerns you, take it up with the candidate in question, not more enlightened fellow Americans who actually know who, and more importantly what, they’re voting for.

On with the show.

Let’s review some of Lizzie’s most epic Senatorial Shenanigans:

  • Signed onto Trump’s obscenely bloated military budget
  • Supported the war in Iraq
  • Doesn’t support Medicare for All, and authored her own ACA-friendly bill to sabotage it
  • Rejects the Green New Deal
  • Supports Pelosi’s Pay-Go fuckery
  • Pro-Israel/Anti-Palestine
  • Pro-fracking
  • Jumped up and clapped like the good little corporate shill she is when Trump proclaimed The United States would never be a socialist country
  • In bed with the majority of the corporations she derides ….
  • … and openly admits she’ll whore herself out to them if she won the nomination. (And don’t even with the “uh, that’s sexist” crap. Anyone can be a whore regardless of genitalia. You know what really IS sexist? Voting for a candidate based on what they’re packing in their pants.)
  • Of course, there’s also her epic betrayal of Bernie Sanders in 2016 to have a play date with the Witch of Wall Street. It was almost worth it to see Warren denied the second banana spot on Hillsy’s bill.


No real Progressive would condone what she’s actually DONE— which is diametrically opposed to what she SAYS she’d do if elected. There’s a big difference. Progressives are policy-driven voters, which firmly puts Warren out of the running.

There’s the door, lady.

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Nah, I’m all good, Senator. Give yourself a raise. Photo by

Ah, yes. The latest blatant DNC pro-business propaganda campaign. They’re spending millions to convince the American people we don’t mind dropping like flies because of our hyper-capitalist healthcare system.

Guess what? We DO care. We care a lot. And I got news for you — using this as a candidate litmus test has nothing to do with “purity” — as neo-libs like to parse having principles. It’s a life or death issue for those obviously not as elitist, privileged, or oblivious as you are.

The majority of the people in this country want single payer healthcare. Study after study proves it’s cheaper and more efficient. Most importantly, no-one is left to die due to their inability to fuel the insurance and pharmaceutical industries’ greed.

The neo-liberal Democrats are setting themselves up for failure by downplaying the demand for Medicare for All. It’s beyond chilling when you realize they’d prefer to stand by as millions of their fellow citizens perish rather than risk pissing off their big money donors.

If your candidate doesn’t support M4A, he or she will NOT get the Progressive vote. Because there are only two kinds of people — those who support Medicare for All, and assholes.

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Even just typing that makes me belly laugh. This assertion is even more ridonculous than claiming Bernie supporters are abandoning him for Warren, and that’s saying something.

The people who buy into this nonsense are the same ones who believe Biden would really cure cancer. Or that Hillary lost the election because of Russia. Or that it was impossible to rig the 2016 primaries against Sanders but somehow it was easy-peasy for the GOP to rig the general against Hillary.

You know the type.

I spend a shit-ton of time talking to fellow Sanders supporters, and out of the literally thousands I’ve interacted with, I’ve only come across a mere handful that voted for Trump in 2016. That’s a pretty good indicator that they don’t prioritize the issues over political game playing and weren’t real Progressives in the first place.

And policy, not party, is why no real Berner would ever vote for Trump. His agenda is the complete antithesis of the Progressive philosophy.

What will we do if the DNC has a political death wish and ignores the will of the People like they did in 2016? We’ll react the same way we did back then— Vote third party, write in a Progressive, or abstain altogether.

And the Democrats will lose. Again.

THAT you can count on.

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