Trump Will Likely Prevail in 2020. Thank You, Corporate Democrats.

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Look, here are two reasons now. Photo by New York Post

It’s almost adorable how (outwardly) confident Establishment Dems are about taking back the White House in 2020, even though they are making the same derpy “blunders” that cost the Pantsuit Succubus the election back in 2016. You know, adorable in that want-to-give-them-a-2x4-off-the-cranium adorable. At this point, I don’t know what’s more off-putting — their whiny sense of entitlement to my vote or their bitchy, bossy fear politics.

But you must bend to our will! The most important thing is ousting Trump, not voting for the candidate who best represents your values! Submit! Submit!

How. About. No.

It’s interesting to note the differences between the Progressive Bernie or Bust philosophy and the Establishment Dem Vote Blue No Matter Who battle cry. The former is a statement of intent stressing the autonomy of Independent voters, while the latter is a presumptuous admonition to vote for whatever neoliberal corporate puppet the DNC thrusts upon us, whether we are Party members or not.

Nope. Once again, not happening.

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Vote for the Blue racist rapist!

No matter how hard you try to dress your craptastic candidate up in pretty wrapping paper, Biden still stinks to high heaven. I know you poor, beleaguered neolibs just want to get back to brunch while the rest of us (the “privileged,” as you call the millions of us hanging by a thread) continue to rail against the decades-in-the-making shit show we have thanks to lesser-evilism cowardice such as this.

Remember, the Democratic Party asserts that, as a private corporation, they are not bound by their own charter. They reserve the right to hand-pick the candidate of their (meaning the Plutocracy’s) choosing. In a nutshell, Democrats freely admit their primary process is just political theater. And yet, they never hesitate to strong-arm both Green New Deal Democrats and Independent Progressives.

The kicker is that the RESISTANCE (I laugh every time I type that) vilifies Trump while supporting establishment Democrats who ASSIST Trump in every way possible. Yet they don’t see the issue with this at all. Seems their logic is that the best way to combat fascism is by condoning fascism!

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Hell no we won’t. Photo by

Don’t believe me? Get off that Zoom meeting or Facebook or Porn Hub and check the voting records. They can, and do, speak for themselves.

You must understand one simple fact: our current fiscal crisis is a deliberate hijacking of the economy, not the result of unforeseen circumstances. It’s the elites’ plan going off without a hitch. Ever wonder why there’s always enough funding for endless corporate bailouts but not crucial social programs?

Because that’s how a rigged system works.

And we make it so easy for them. Since Americans are conditioned to equate poverty with criminality and wealth with virtue, they feel they must be eternally grateful for whatever crumbs get shunted their way without demanding more.

After all, it’s Better Than Nothing, right?

Actually, it’s not, but whatever.

There are gazillions of ways the Democratic Party is saving everyone the hassle of a sham election in 2020 and just handing another four years to the Orange Anal Wart. Here’s just a small sampling:

The staunch refusal to address the obscene amount of corruption running rampant in their Party. When caught red-handed, it’s best not to go on the high-horse defensive and claim cheating is your prerogative per your organization’s charter. There’s nothing sleazier then officially legitimizing your own dirty dealings.

Candidates like Biden and Harris prove that the DNC refuses to learn any lessons from the hefty Progressive bitchslap administered in 2016. The message was clear: no more corporate neo-liberals. We weren’t kidding then, and we aren’t kidding now.

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*sniffs deeply and shudders* Photo by

The Me too Unless the Rapist is Blue McResistance has yet to grasp that obsessing on ousting You-Know-Who accomplishes nothing. Trump didn’t cause this fustercluck, he’s merely the big, dumpy, derpy result of it. America didn’t suddenly collapse in ruins when the Marmalade Moron waddled into Washington. Our decay is just more noticeable now because it’s an unrelenting side-show attraction, and Donnie can’t sing Al Green jams as excellent as Barry.

Yes, yes, we get it. You hate Trump. We all do, but high-fiving each other over shared Twitler antipathy won’t get any of us healthcare, fair wages, or the dismantling of the police state. These were serious issues before Trump, and will also be serious issues after Trump.

So. The specter of another Term O’ Trump doesn’t fill you with adequate terror to vote for a hair-sniffing dementia-addled doofus and Mocha Hillary?

OK then. PUTIN! BOO! Yeah. Chew on that, Progressives.


And Trump.


But, in the end, you can always count on the majority of the American people being unutterably and unfailingly stupid. This is the main reason Trump will easily win a second term. He will, and the Democrats will have no-one to blame but themselves. Again.

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Photo by BoingBoing

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