Vote Blue No Matter Who? No Can Do.

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When neo-lib Dems insist you vote Blue, they never once mention what their Party will do to help the average American get through these dismal and dangerous times. It would seem it’s not considered necessary to explain themselves to mere serfs. They demand your fealty, but offer nothing in return but endless variations of the phrase “Do you want TRUMP to win?”

Most voters in this country identify as Independents now. To win our votes, you will have to — gasp — earn them. The days of lesser-evilism are over. After 2016, the American People are a lot less willing to pledge blind loyalty to the Democratic Party.

After all, although accusing Russia of “election tampering” to deflect from getting busted primary rigging is a hugely ballsy move, almost admirable in its looney gutsy-ness, it’s not one appreciated by millions of disgruntled voters expected to “forgive and forget” when they are given no motivation to do so.

But you could still redeem yourself DNC. There’s much to be gained from gracefully accepting the inevitable while capitalizing on your new influx of Progressive fresh blood. The Democratic Party, if they so wish, could present themselves as an unmistakably clear alternative to the GOP for the first time in decades, and win many new voters in the process.

But it appears the corporate Dems are applying the opposite strategy of insistently, and pissily, denying reality by blaming the voters for their losses instead of their own ineptitude. It’s not us — it’s those jackasses who refuse to swallow the party line! How dare them!

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And why didn’t they like us anyway? Was it because we cheated our asses off to ensure one of the most despised candidates in American political history would run and lose? Lose to a gelatinous orange turd no less? And, here’s the kicker: a gelatinous orange turd put forth as a pied-piper candidate by said despised candidate?

And now they’re dusting her off and unleashing her again. But Hillary Clinton is no longer relevant or involved in politics and we should stop harping on her. So say the Establishment Dems as they send her on the campaign trail to eff shit up for other candidates.

But hey — We’re not Trump! Love us!

The Democrats know damn right well what the American People demand. They could deliver a genuinely Progressive platform and candidate (Bernie Sanders would do nicely, thanks) and come off as badass heroes.

But, for reasons unfathomable, the DNC chooses to stand firm on many of the contentious issues Party members have abandoned ship over. Instead of rethinking a losing strategy, they prefer to denigrate those taking issue with the Party’s refusal to address its shortcomings.

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The neo-liberal ruled Democratic Party needs to acknowledge its time is over and pass the baton to the many Progressive candidates and activists out there stirring up so much energy, and enthusiasm, and — well looky that — VOTES.

Seriously. These doofuses have all the tools they need to spark the rebirth of their floundering Party. The fact that they haven’t utilized any of them bespeaks a derpiness of Trumpian proportions.

So. Bottom line. The Democrats have one of two options going forward :

Do better — or lose. Again.

And it won’t be Russia’s Fault.
It won’t be Bernie’s fault.
It won’t be third party voters’ fault.
It won’t be Mercury in retrograde’s fault.

It’s all on the Blue Dog Democrats who refuse to accept that it’s the Party’s duty to carry out the will of the People — NOT the other way around.

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Will of the People. Right here. Photo by WAMC

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