We Will Never Settle For Less Again

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It’s been a slow, insidious process. It took over half a century to go from John Kennedy to Donald Trump. In retrospect, it’s easy to chart our progression down the pooper.

The descent into hell began with the assassinations of JFK and RFK and picked up speed during the Reagan era. America slid so far to the right that third-way Democrats, as conservative as the GOP on almost all points, became the face of the Party.

This was precisely when the Democratic Party sacrificed its soul on the altar of neoliberalism. FDR saved America with the New Deal, and Bill Clinton destroyed it with right-wing third-way policies.

For decades, the DNC coasted on the past actions of truly liberal Democrats to maintain their reputation as the Party of the People. But they could only pull that off so long when people started doing the math.

How can legislators making well under 200,000 a year be multi-millionaires?

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Photo by Blunt Force Truth

Even lawmakers need a second gig these days. Their preferred method of generating extra income is peddling influence. Hey, those summer homes on Martha’s Vineyard don’t pay for themselves you know.

They’ve become indoctrinated to accept that it’s just the way the game is played.

The rest of us know better.

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Nay and Yay. Photo by the Wrap

Fifty years. A mere half-century. That’s all it took for this country to sell its soul to the highest bidders. But they’ve become too cocky. As more and more Americans find themselves drowning economically and forced into survival mode. They are starting to fight back.

Thanks to Bernie Sanders, we are seeing the emergence of truly progressive politicians, activists, and journalists prepared to loudly oppose both neo-lib and neo-con corruption.

But the powerful never relinquish their power willingly. History has proven it must be taken from them. And according to the U.S. Constitution, it is the responsibility of every American citizen to root out tyranny wherever it is found.

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This means not just in our government but especially in our government.

The People are reawakening, slowly but surely. They are beginning to realize that their leaders' immense power ultimately derives from… them.

The sleepy, working-class giant is rising to its feet, with a renewed awareness of its worth.

We, the American People, will never settle for less again.

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Time to storm the castle, kids. Photo by Canada Free Press

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