Wealth is Not a Virtue, Poverty is Not a Lack of Character

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Here’s the plain truth. What you have is not indicative of who you are. Neither an abundance of wealth and possessions or lack thereof are an accurate barometer of a person’s character.

Sounds pretty simple, right? You’d think.

But in our hyper-capitalist society, who you are is what you have. And the more you have the better you are, for that reason alone. You have a lot of stuff, so you're All-American Awesome. That old adage “the one who does with the most toy wins” could very well be the official motto of the United States. We should print that on our money instead of “In God We Trust.”

Many from the generation that rolled around in the mud at Woodstock left the commune and became investment bankers, stock brokers, and venture capitalists. Once the transformation from hippie to yuppie was complete, the broker Formerly Known As Groovy Sunshine went to great lengths to convince themselves, and others, that sociopathic selfishness was somehow a positive character trait that sets you apart as better Americans and superior human beings overall.

This is the attitude that has given us spiraling medical costs. Endless wars. The alarming increase in our poverty rate. These problems plaguing our people are the direct result of unbridled greed masquerading as “good business practices.”

Thanks for this fantabulous return to feudalism Groovy Sunshine.

And sooner or later (probably sooner), there will be an enormous price to pay for the wealth hoarding of just a few people. Civil unrest on some scale is almost a certainty if the U.S. continues on its current trajectory. If you listen closely, you can almost hear the tumbrils approaching from the distance.

I’m not an economics expert, but it’s not hard for anyone to see the parallels between our current situation and the events leading up to the Stock Market Crash in 1929. And I’ll make another prediction: I don't think the people of this country will be all that open to bailing out the banks at their own expense again after 2008.

Too big to fail? Too big to exist.

Most of the millionaires and billionaires in this country, and in the world for that matter, did not accrue their fortune through “hard work and determination.” This has got to be one of the biggest, steamiest piles of B.S ever fed to the gullible masses. In reality, most rich people are rich people because their parents were rich people. And their parents were rich people and their ... You get the idea.

And they all exploit the American worker to amass their obscene fortunes. Without the skills and sweat of their vastly underpaid employees the elites would have nothing, but in this country, we’ve been brainwashed to believe these “job creators” keep America’s head above water and we should kiss their benevolent asses for doing so.

No, they do not. The millions of people running their machines or stocking “Made In China” merchandise on their store shelves are the ones holding this country together and keeping all their rich asses afloat. In great comfort on luxurious yachts, I might add.

The serfs have to put every cent they make back into the economy just to cover daily living expenses. Rich people, on the other hand, hoard their massive wealth, which does nothing to stimulate economic growth for anyone but themselves.

We are living in the era of end-stage capitalism. Our current system is no longer sustainable. This is obvious to the growing number of people being victimized by it as adequate housing, food, and medical care become fond distant memories for more and more Americans every day.

Poverty caused by circumstances beyond your control (as is almost always the case)does not make you lazy, weak, or of questionable character. Being the driving force behind these circumstances, however, makes you all those things and more.

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