When’s a Good Time to Talk About the Issues?

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I’m assuming not now. Photo by YouTube

Seems like it never is.

A lot of people fixate on parties and politicians instead of the issues. This tendency is encouraged by both major parties. The duopoly knows it’s to their advantage when the voting public is too busy dissecting each candidate’s dirty laundry instead of focusing on the problems at hand.

And naturally, the partisan hacks play right into it.

Discussing the actual issues and concentrating on problem-solving is now considered a revolutionary concept. It marks you as a dangerous outsider (Russian troll! Trumpanzee!) because of your ability to see through the Party window dressing.

Look at what they have done, no what they say they will do. After all, past behavior is the best predictor of future actions.

But when you point this seemingly obvious fact out, there are those who will side-step the meat of the matter to spout Party Approved nonsensical accusations of divisiveness.

Demanding that we address the practical concerns of the American people(such as income inequality and healthcare) with more than lip service isn’t shit-stirring. It's responsible citizenship.

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This is why we can't have nice things. Photo by Oped.com

When your candidate’s record is weak or questionable, don’t demand the American people look the other way. Hold your candidates responsible and accountable. If they can’t withstand the scrutiny, they certainly aren’t worthy of anyone’s vote.

And in any case, we can’t divide a Party we don’t belong to. And since we don’t, we owe you nothing. Not our support. Not our votes. This is an almost insurmountable stumbling block to any sort of productive conversation with a die-hard Party member of ANY affiliation.

We don’t need you, but you certainly need us (see 2016.)

Instead of wasting time and energy attacking the Orange Anal Wart, let’s offer the drowning average American a life preserver. Let’s attack the problems caused by runaway Capitalism like homelessness and drug addiction. Let’s fight to make healthcare our right as American citizens. And let’s commit to overturning Citizen’s United so we can find our way back to a government for and by the People(as opposed to the corporations) again.

Partisan finger pointing does nothing to alleviate the suffering so many Americans are unjustly enduring. If you’re more interested in advancing your “team” over problem-solving, just get out of the way and allow actual grown-ups to get it done.

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