Why Do We Let an Itty-Bitty Fringe Group Lord Over Us and Call it Democracy?

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It’s an irrefutable fact that multi-millionaires are almost exclusively governing this country. The oligarchs have free reign over every aspect of our lives (so much for that “small government” spiel, huh?) We went from bad to much, much worse with Citizens United. These privileged plutocrats make all the rules — and those rules invariably favor themselves and not the American people.

Politics has always been the domain of the wealthy, but sociopathic disregard for those they govern is a worsening trend. We’ve reached a critical tipping point in the 21st century. The impoverished working class simply can’t afford to foot the bill to maintain the elites’ lavish lifestyles any longer.

We are depleted. Working class Americans have been wrung out and left to dry up like an old sponge.

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What happens next is going to make 1929 look mild by comparison. Anyone with more than two firing brain neurons understands our current system of unfettered greed by a small minority group is not sustainable. We are following the Fall of the Roman Empire playbook almost letter for letter.

It’s untenable, outrageous, and immoral.

The real question is, why do we allow a tiny fringe group to control every aspect of our lives and future? It would never fly if that exclusive club consisted of ethnic or religious minorities. Nor would it be acceptable if it was solely women (you know, over half the human race) holding the reins.

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Facts. Embrace thIf you don’t like them, change them. Photo by Occupy.com

And yes, I’m more than aware that money=power. But you know what’s even better leverage than wealth?

Numbers. Strength in numbers. And we got ‘em.

This is our greatest challenge going forward.

I know many of you forgo voting because the duopoly is stacking the deck behind the scenes. That’s an understandable decision — unless you consider the colossal impact of every eligible voter showing up at the polls. Even 75% would send a clear and ominous message to those profiting from our pain and desperation.

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Thank you Mr. Carlin. Photo by prn.fm

What’s the first step to non-partisan unity? The average American learning that identity politics are a deliberate construct meant to divide us and not unite us.

Any person of any race, gender, or religious affiliation busting their ass for peanuts has far more in common with each other than the oligarchy. A white, Christian man struggling by on $30,000 a year has more functional similarities with a black Muslim woman making the same salary than he does with a white, Christian millionaire.

Our issues as a nation are all class-based, not race based. The American uber-wealthy have been pitting us against each other since colonial times. It’s a self-sabotaging cycle we must end if we plan to unify —and survive.

Know what team you’re playing for. The rich oligarchs don’t care about you unless you’re one of them.

Because we are.

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Anyone else have an ominous feeling of deja vu?

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