Why I Love Bernie Sanders and So Should You

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What hope looks like. Photo by TheAtlantic.com

For decades now, Bernie Sanders has been a steadfast, often solitary, voice for The People in the Halls of Power. This plain-speaking senator has been fighting the Good Fight for over half a century, never wavering in his determination to inject humanity into our increasingly corrupt government.

Unlike most of his peers in Congress, Bernie sprang from humble beginnings and not the prep school-Ivy League pipeline of privilege. He knows our struggle because it’s his struggle. He feels our pain because he knows the hurt firsthand.

A silver spoon never got within a ten-mile radius of Baby Bernie’s mouth. Every single word and deed confirms where his head — and heart — is at. With US.

Why? Because Bernie Sanders IS us.

Unpolished and imperfect, and always just that little bit disheveled — a far cry from the designer suits and capped teeth so beloved of his fellow legislators. He effortlessly blends in among his working-class constituents while his colleagues prefer to mingle exclusively with supporters who can afford 100,000 a plate fundraisers.

Bernie Sanders is our only true representative in the Senate. His peers from both sides of the aisle will almost always come down on the side of their corporate donors.

That’s because Big Business put them in office and the piper must be paid. WE put Bernie in office, and therefore he’s only beholden to us.

This is how it’s supposed to work in case anyone’s forgotten.

His historical grassroots campaign for the Democratic nomination in 2016 would’ve brought down the Queen Bee of the Oligarchy had it not been for the shameful and unabashed corruption of the DNC.

Fact is, they never viewed Bernie as anything more than a warm body to provide the illusion of competition for Hillary Clinton. Most thought that the best he could hope for was nudging the DNC a titch to the Left. No-one in the Democratic Party thought he’d be an “overnight” sensation.


Since then, Bernie Sanders has almost single-handedly reinvented how our country approaches politics in the new millennium.

Bernie terrified the Establishment. He still does. After all, how could this almost-unknown senator from sleepy Vermont mobilize millions only with his Brooklynese Boom and not a string of Super-PACs?

The average donation to Bernie’s 2016 campaign was famously 27 bucks, yet he still managed to out-raise the candidates with much higher-profile and incredibly wealthier supporters. They may have the money, but we have the numbers.

Bernie’s campaign was the death knell for neo-liberal corporatist politics. Until Bernie opened people’s eyes, many weren’t aware of the level of corruption infesting every branch of our government.

Once America started to Feel the Bern, a beautiful thing happened. Where there was once only despair about where we are, there was now optimism about where we were going.

More and more citizens became actively engaged in the political process. Many of them are running for office themselves — and winning. Bernie’s Political Revolution is not a nebulous intellectual concept; it’s a concrete plan to achieve the goals that will manifest what we desire and deserve — a government that is indeed by and for the People.

Not Since Bobby Kennedy has a political figure inspired such hope in those shunned by the political establishment. And lest we forget, the Democratic Party attacked RFK when he decided to seek the nomination in 1968, accusing him of splitting the Party because they despised his Progressive platform.

Sound familiar?

Now, do I agree with everything Bernie says and does? No. Whenever he references “Russian election tampering” I die a little inside. He’s not infallible. But the truth is, there isn’t a single person on earth whose ideology will line up perfectly with mine on every single issue. Why would I expect it from a political figure?

The important thing is that Bernie Sanders has a proven fifty-year track record of championing the average American. The worst thing anyone can say about him is that he honored the agreement that every Democratic candidate must abide by, and that’s to support the eventual nominee. Yes, even if it’s a pantsuit-wearing criminal.

I don’t think it should cost someone points for honoring their word, unlike those who believe Bernie should’ve thrown a futile tantrum in 2016.

If he had, he would no longer be our voice of reason in the Senate. If he had, the DNC would’ve blackballed him from any future opportunity of running again(not that they Won’t attempt it now, but their motivation is based on spite, not fact, and everyone knows it.)

So, just what is the DNC’s beef with Bernie Sanders? Simple. He galvanizes people to actively engage in the political process and to question, and if need be, challenge the status quo.

Since the DNC is the status quo, they equate endorsing Bernie with helping the hangman tie their noose.

Which means he’s the person we need in the White House. Yes, I said it. White. House.

There is no question that Bernie Sanders has changed the course of American history by embodying all the characteristics the Founding Fathers deemed necessary to govern fairly and well.

We’ve wandered so far off the path that a legislator who adheres to the principles all lawmakers were meant to follow seems like a rabble-rousing rebel.

Bernie Sanders embodies what this country should and could be. He’s laid the groundwork for a Political Revolution as promised; now it’s up to us to bring it to fruition.

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