Won’t Vote Blue No Matter Who

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You know it’s going to be a long, hard, annoying as hell election season when the battle cry going into 2020 is:

“Oh, I love Bernie. But I won’t vote for him if he runs as a Democrat.”

Wait, what? What kind of self-defeating happy horseshit is this?

Now tell me, how is this stance any more enlightened than Vote Blue No Matter Who? I fail to see how this is any less destructive than blind party partisanship. The end result is the same — America continues to suck.

Hamstringing yourself over trifles like this is counterproductive. Why on earth would you reject the best candidate for the job on that basis? Why is party affiliation more important to you than getting Progressives elected?

Seriously. What is the issue with Progressive candidates availing themselves of the DNC’s infrastructure? I myself consider it poetic justice after 2016.

If you despise the Democratic Party so much, you should fully support Progressives running on the Dem ticket. Why? Because the DNC would rather watch their party (and the country) burn rather than embrace the ideals that defined their party before the Third Way Dems highjacked it.

They hate Progressives infiltrating “their party.” Therefore, flooding them with Democratic Socialist candidates is not only good strategy, it’s also good fun. Who doesn’t love watching a thwarted neo-lib seethe while you ’re getting the job done, especially on “their” turf?

And yes, we all know the DNC is beyond corrupt, and that they reserve the right to choose their nominee in advance of the election, completely circumventing the voice of the People.

We also know they will use the crowded field of candidates as the reason to dust off the ol' Superdelegates. That’s been pretty much a given since they “improved” their SD process last year.

But how does throwing our hands up in self-sabotaging despair move us forward? Especially when the American public is far more aware of the Democratic Party’s treachery than they were in 2016?

If they use the same dirty playbook this time around, they will be doing so under the spotlight of the public’s unforgiving glare, not ensconced in their neoliberal safe space.

And, in any case, the more Progressives we have in the national spotlight, the better. The principles of Democratic Socialism are favored by most Americans, even if they don’t know it’s Democratic Socialism.

We need to focus on individual candidates' platforms, not the Party. This should be a no-brainer for any informed citizen. And at this critical juncture in our history, it’s a particularly important distinction to make.

As Progressives, we need to take advantage of every opportunity to become part of the discussion. The last thing we want to do is limit the ways we can make that happen.

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