You Can’t Split A Party You Don’t Belong To

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I don’t think I know a single Progressive and/or Independent who isn’t accused daily of “splitting the party” or “being divisive” by desperate Democrats. It’s hard to fathom for most. The self-centered assumption that anyone who’s not a member of the GOP owes the other half of the oligarchy allegiance is mind-bogglingly stupid.

And yet, it’s the predominant belief among the Blue Crew. “If You’re Not With Them, You’re With Us.”

No. No, we are not, so slow your roll, neolib. Like most Indys, I’m perfectly capable of hating both major parties with equal ferocity. That’s what the Democrats refuse to understand.

I’ve been an Independent since 1983. Almost half the electorate is also Team Platform and not Team Blue or Team Red. We support policy, not party. I’m not “dividing” any party as I don’t belong to any party. That’s the whole point of being an Independent after all.

But am I calling out your party on its corruption? You bet. Naming and shaming government corruption is a responsibility handed to the American People by our country’s founders. They intended for us to ruthlessly root out all tyrants infiltrating the People’s government, not support and celebrate them.

This nation is now every bit the aristocracy we rejected during the American Revolution. We’re ruled by dead-eyed, obscenely wealthy elites while we’re left to die without medical care during a pandemic.

Doesn’t seem very freedom-y to me.

So how do the Democrats, who claim to be the Anti-Trump, handle this? The Democratic Party not only condones this ironic travesty, they also exemplify it. Then they wonder why the working class is abandoning them in droves.

Neolibs are always right there to push GOP legislation through. Much of the fuckery Dems blame the GOP for wouldn’t be possible without their party’s acquiesce. That’s not “resisting,” that’s assisting.

In case any establishment Dems are reading, I’ll spoon-feed it to you. Voters are abandoning you because you abandoned the voters decades ago. You’re no longer the party of the working class. You’re not even the party of the middle class.

Shit, just look at what you’re running. It’s almost cute you think you’ll win solely because that poor old, doddering man isn’t Trump. No, Biden is not Trump. This is true. He’s actually worse in many ways.

Remember kids, billionaires aren’t the problem, and you just need to stop fucking whining.

As an Independent, I’m far more interested in policy over party. Whoever presents the most Progressive candidate will get my support. If no such candidate is on offer, I won’t vote. Simple stuff. If the DNC keeps rolling out corporate-backed neo-liberals and fauxgressives, they will have no-one to blame but themselves when they tank. Except for Russia, of course. Dems blame Russia for everything.

Pinning their epic unpopularity on the electorate is lazy and self-indulgent. Until the Democratic Party accepts that they exist to carry out the will of the People and not the other way around, their slow but steady slide into complete irrelevance will continue unabated.

Attempting to bully or guilt voters into supporting you as the lesser-evil is a fool’s errand. Show the average American you care about their woes and provide solutions. Trotting out corporatists spouting (or in Biden’s case, word salading) Progressive values they do not hold and have no intention of pursuing isn’t working anymore. Not after 2016. Never again.

Repeat after me: We’re Not Trump is not a platform.

Call it party-splitting all you want, establishment Dems. It’s actually party-leaving for the Dem-Exit crowd, and a big, fat nothing from those never among your ranks in the first place.

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