You Down with AOC? Yeah, You Know Me!

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Behold the future. Photo by Ocasio2018

Ah, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. A name that strikes fear into neo-liberal, fauxgressive, and GOP hearts alike.

How I love her.

Here is a young woman who will help define Progressive politics for generations to come, whether establishment Dems like it or not. And clearly they don’t, because they are doing their best to impugn, patronize, and downright slander her every chance they get.

For a party that likes to crow about unity and not eating their own, centrists are brunching on their best and brightest.

Establishment Dems fear grassroots candidates. They openly admit their primary process is set up to deliberately hamstring them (see Superdelegates.) You don’t get more grassroots than a candidate schlepping around the district like AOC, knocking on doors and bringing her message directly to the people she wanted to represent.

Can you even imagine an HRC or Pelosi wearing out their Jimmy Choo pumps pounding the pavement to actually earn their votes? No, you can’t, because it would never happen, past, present, or future.

AOC is everything the establishment Democrats pretend to be, which is why they denigrate her. It’s so much harder to keep up the pretense of being progressive when there’s an actual Progressive in your midst.

We need healthcare. We need fair wages. We need free college. We need the whole Green New Deal package. Ocasio is unapologetically attacking these issues that affect the average American every day. Then the establishment Dems scold her like she’s a recalcitrant toddler instead of a freshman Congresswoman.

“Musn’t upset the donors Little Lady. Now sit down and shut up until we tell you when to speak and what to say.”

Her refusal to do so delights her supporters while being a pebble in the shoe of the DNC. Two birds, one stone, all awesome.

Young, vibrant, immensely popular new faces like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should be welcomed and nurtured. The fact that the Party isn’t doing so tells you all you need to know about their future plans for our country.

And sure, she’s young and lacks experience. But she’s also smart and highly motivated to perform well in the name of the People she represents. She will learn and learn quickly. The patronizing Mean Girl crap she’s enduring from her OWN party and its neoliberal supporters is proof of what we've been saying all along — the Democrats have no interest in letting the voters steer the bus.

Too late. Alex is in the driver’s seat bitches. I for one am looking forward to a ride where I’m not afraid to glance out the window at the scenery.

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