You Gotta Love Performance Art Politics

OK. What in the beer-battered fuck is going on here? I’m truly gobsmacked.

Doesn’t it seem a little outrageous that they refuse to save our lives with healthcare and survival checks during a pandemic? And that we’re supposed to be eternally grateful they’ll dispose of our carcasses?

Logic dictates that if you keep people alive, you don’t need to pay to bury them. But let’s face it. It’s way cheaper to let us die than provide COVID relief, healthcare, housing, and decent wages. That’s the bottom line, and the bottom line is all that matters. It’s the American Way!

Here’s your mom! Vote Blue!

And since the collapse of the American empire is already underway, off you fuck to the crematory, peasant. You are no longer doing your part to prop up capitalism (which is breathing its last.) You thereby forfeit your space on the planet.

I, for one, don’t support genocide, no matter how disingenuously it’s presented as a societal win. We’ll let you “passively" die a victim of end-stage capitalism by denying your basic human needs, but hey, we’ll (eventually, maybe) reimburse (note the wording people) a small amount of the dough it costs you to bury a loved one from COVID.

We are all completely expendable on their spreadsheet, especially seniors, the disabled, and children. And why is that? Because those citizens are not “productive.” This means they are not doing their part to ensure the system that sustains the rich endures as long as possible.

Those private jets and summer homes on the Vineyard don’t just spontaneously materialize, kids. YOU must keep the uber-wealthy living in the style your hard work has made them accustomed to, while you’re shaking out the couch cushions for gas money.

I’m sorry but I for one don’t support genocide no matter how disingenuously it’s presented.

And as if that wasn't enough, then there’s this fuckery.

No Joe this is not a good time for a swim don’t let go of my hand Photo by

Oh, look. It’s another Extravaganza of Empty designed to soothe the masses while not doing a damn thing to actually help them. You know, just like Jilly’s Valentine hearts on the White House lawn - a slap in the face to the millions hungry and homeless thanks to the coordinated machinations of the Blue and Red two-headed monster.

I am so angered by the hypocrisy and downright cruelty of this new era of performance art politics. Biden’s bullshit candle ritual doesn’t do diddly to help millions of desperate Americans losing their lives.

Because we are all kindergartners now

There is nothing noble about what Biden is doing (or being told to do — it’s likely he’s just a rubber stamp.) He’s not doing anything except wasting precious time and money. And the Fauxgressives that swore to hold his feet to the fire are kissing them instead, which is pretty gross.

Is this surprising? Of course not. Is it still disgusting? You betcha.

Shitlib crocodile tears are more repulsive than the GOP’s callous indifference. Why? Because the GOP makes no excuses for their Ayn Randian fuckery. It’s who and what they are.

The Dems, on the other hand, pretend to be the GOP’s antithesis while acting as their enablers. Most of Trump’s agenda never would’ve passed without the Dems tipping the scales for the GOP.

The United States Federal COVID response plan

It boils down to preferring a punch to the face over a knife in the back. Most Republicans are loud and proud assholes. What you see is what you get. Most Democrats, on the other hand, are duplicitous little fuckweasels who are just as self-serving and uncaring as their GOP counterparts.

So please, the next time you’re moved to wax poetic over showbizzy political platitudes remember that people, real living, and breathing, and feeling people just like you, CHILDREN for fuck’s sake, are homeless, hungry, and dying while you’re at brunch, so relieved things are back to “normal.”

Do not forget this. Then again, it’s not likely we’ll let you forget, is it?

Just one more thing. Tell your boy Sniffy McGropey to hold the tears and tea lights and just make with the money he owes us.


What the Dems have done for struggling Americans thus far

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