Your Reaction When an Adversary Dies Says a Lot About You

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You can tell a lot about someone’s character by how they behave when someone they are politically opposed to shuffles off the mortal coil.

It takes a special kind of self-absorption to dance on an adversary’s grave before their body is even cold. Human sensitivity escapes far too many people when a public figure they revile dies.

As far as McCain goes, most people are acquainted with his history and record. Friend or foe, opinions don’t suddenly change when someone passes away. Nothing you or anyone else says is going to alter that fact.

So if someone’s first words at the news are deliberately and dementedly vicious, it speaks loudly to their personal integrity.

Politicians don’t spend their entire lives in the arena. They have spouses, children, and grandkids who are devastated, as we all are, when a family member dies, especially after a long illness.

If you are so embittered as a human being that you can’t manage a civil tongue, or at least simply shut your yip until the deceased is at least done with the process of rigor mortis, just find a cave and go live in it. You shouldn’t be around people with actual feelings.

Why? You lack basic human empathy. No matter what evil the object of your ire was guilty of, behaving like a heartless, partisan Tasmanian Devil of Vitriol at their demise says much more about you than them.

Who the hell takes swipes at a dead man when his grieving family hasn’t even picked out his burial clothes yet?

There is no acceptable reason to do so. You’re no better than those human genital warts from Westboro Baptist Church. Truth. Grow some perspective.

There will be plenty of time to dissect, bemoan, criticize and demonize McCain’s political legacy. Now, in this moment, is not that time.

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And to address the dumbest remark I hear from rabid haters, nobody is nominating this guy for sainthood, so get a grip. Insulting those with more empathy, dignity, and self-control than you will ever possess surely isn’t helping your (basket) case.

And to those who feel the need to inform everyone in a hundred-mile radius that we ALL die — well, no shit, pal.

And when it’s your loved one’s turn, or even your own, would you be comfortable with people behaving and reacting in the immediate aftermath as you are now?

Be honest.

And yes, public figures are naturally held to public scrutiny that private citizens are not. But you are fair game to the same scrutiny if you feel the need to loudly wish ill upon the soul/and or memory of anyone in the immediate aftermath of their demise.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by exhibiting a modicum of class when an adversary passes away.

It’s not even a matter of respect for the deceased who is past their pain. It’s in deference to the bereft family and friends they leave behind.

What goes around comes around. For all of us. Even you.

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